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Facebook Live: Jay Cal Returns to Music City

I just landed in Nashville about an hour ago. I’m exhausted. But let’s be real for a minute. I’m in town for like 4 things. The NWA 70th Anniversary. Getting the Legendary 10lbs of Replica signed by former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champions. Cody vs. Aldis II. And creating content. I’d love it, if you guys […]

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Jay Cal’s View: A Warning to Cody, Look Out for Mack

Cody wrestles two more times this weekend, but only defends the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship once. Two different former NWA World Champions are set to appear at Ring of Honor’s Television Taping on the 29th. And my warning to Cody as he takes on Willie Mack

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Jay Cal’s View: Back the Mack

10 years after Willie Mack challenged “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship title, he gets a golden opportunity at Ring of Honor’s “Death Before Dishonor” Television Taping. Willie Mack is a superior professional since his last opportunity. This Special Jay Cal’s View we dig into the vaults for an interview with […]

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Interview with Ring Warriors’ Larry Brannon

Larry Brannon is a former NWA World Tag Team Champion.  He’ll be the color commentator for Ring Warriors when it airs on WGN America September 15th at 8am.  And he’s also the business partner for Howard Brody.  After the Ring Warriors’ debut at Sam’s Town Live which was set to kick off this era of […]

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Talking Business with Raze

Everyone is a brand. Everything is a business. In wrestling, you are only good as your next booking. In this podcast, I talk with Raze about creating awareness of her brand. How to get new eyeballs or retain customers after they’ve seen her wrestle. If you’re new to wrestling, this is a must watch.

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Jay Cal’s View: Thoughts on Surprise Birthday Party

Had a chance to put my thoughts on the Ray and Peter Surprise Birthday Party Show. Thought it was an awesome night of wrestling. The show was joint effort from the United Wrestling Network and featured talents from Combat Zone Wrestling, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, and even featured the in ring return of former WCW […]

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