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An Interview with “Magnum” Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan. The name is synonymous with Southern California Independent Wrestling. Ryan who has wrestled in every single prominent wrestling promotion in SoCal has earned the reputation of being the Technical Wizard of Professional Wrestling. Whether he’s winning championships on the independents, dispatching his opponents in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla or completing his Pro-America Campaign across […]

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"Straight Shootin with the Champ" The Chance Prophet Interview

Go tell that long tongue liarGo and tell that midnight riderTell the rambler,The gambler,The back biterTell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em downTell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down –Johnny Cash The haunting words from Johnny Cash to the ears of the Former National Champion Chance Prophet, has he prepares for the much anticipated […]

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An Interview with the Bajan Bomber

A dark building flutters with flashes. A dazed man climbs to his feet only to be crushed with a spear from Dru Onyx. A scene that plays out over and over for the opponents of “Godz Fav’rit Weapon.” A man known through the Alliance as a belt collector shares his thoughts on his time at […]

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An Interview with the Machine Gun

Machine Gun It is well documented the success of the National Wrestling Alliance has been on an up-turn as of late. Carrying on the legacy of yesterdays legends, are the names of the future. Karl Anderson, the Machine Gun is one of the many that are carrying on the history and tradition of the oldest […]

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