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Zachary Mulcahy’s first interactions with professional wrestling were with WCW, and the independent promotion his family members worked for. Watching stars like Sting lead to a lifelong fascination with the world of professional wrestling. Along with being passionate about wrestling, he is pursuing his dream of writing fiction as well. @ztmbaronofurga on Twitter.
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Baron’s review: CWA Championship Wrestling 1/23/88

Let’s take a look, at another episode of CWA Championship Wrestling The Rock n’ Roll RPMs (Mike Davis/Tommy Lane) vs. Rikki Nelson & Billy Travis This was an excellent way to start the show. Plenty of emotion, and a good story being told in the ring. The RPM’s showed signs of frustration, when their opponents […]

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Baron’s review: CWA Championship Wrestling 1/16/88

Before we get to this fine episode of CWA Championship Wrestling, I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to something. Brian Pillman Junior’s MLW singles debut is available on YouTube. It’s definitely worth checking out. The Raging Bull Manny Fernandez vs. Rodney Napper A quick win to start off the show. Manny, and Rodney told an excellent […]

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Baron’s Review: CWA Championship Wrestling 1/09/88

This edition of CWA had less wrestling, than the previous episode we looked at. No, I’m not counting the recap from the Lord of the Ring tournament. It starts off with Hector telling Lance, that he’s going to beat Jeff Jarrett in front of his adoring female fans. He also uses the insult “Chicken skins” […]

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Baron’s review: CWA Championship Wrestling 12/26/87

Baron’s review will cover CMLL, and pre-1998 professional wrestling. The perspective of someone in their early twenties might be very interesting to some of you. When it comes to older wrestling at least. The first batch of articles will cover CWA, USWA, and CMLL. The show opens up with Hector Guerrero, and Lance Russell. Hector […]

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Is it time to extend an olive branch to CMLL?

  In Five Things the NWA Should Consider Doing in the Future, I mentioned a partnership with CMLL. But I neglected to mention a slight bump in the road. There’s some bad blood between the NWA, and CMLL. For those that aren’t aware CMLL is the oldest promotion still in existence. For a period of time, […]

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