Around the Alliance: Focus on Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

Welcome back to “Around the Alliance”! We will be taking a look at Smoky Mountain Wrestling and the stars of their TV show out of Tennessee, this time. This is directly from, regarding this past week’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV show.

“Six-Man Tag Action This Week!
By John Moorehouse Updated: May 23, 2015

This week on NWA Smoky Mountain TV, we feature more action from the all-star spectacular that was Collision Course 10.
On this week’s episode, watch the grudge six-man tag match pitting Skylar Kruze, “Sensational” Wayne Adkins and Axton Ray against “Dangerous” Gavin Daring, TV champion “Picture Perfect” Jordan Kage and Shawn Shultz.
Would Kruze and his team be able to prevail against Kruze’s former partner turned arch-enemy Daring and his allies? And what role did Dylan Wayne Sizemore, the leader of The Agency, play?
Find out this week on NWA Smoky Mountain TV. You can watch on Tri-Cities CW4 or FOX43 in Knoxville, and also view each episode on NWA Smoky Mountain’s YouTube channel.”

Go watch the show at It also features highlights of the match at Collision Course between IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles and Chase Owens, who is currently over in Japan for New Japan’s annual super junior’s tournament. You can check out his opponents at Collision Course is for sale on DVD at Smoky Mountain Wrestling’s website.And finally, Shawn Shultz, one of the participants in this week’s televised six man match, also was featured on NWA SAW ‘s TV program this week facing Al Snow! Watch it at Shultz should some day be challenging for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title, currently held by Steve Anthony.

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