About Us

Originally titled the National Wrestling Alliance Fan Site, The Alliance Blog has grown to become the destination for NWA wrestling fans to find content, news, NWA Promotional material, event results, and the on goings of the National Wrestling Alliance. The Alliance Blog was founded on May 14th, 2007 when the official NWA Message Board closed. Originally created to help keep fans aware of the crowing of a New NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. Later the fan site would focus on the entirety of the NWA and would add a message board to create a community of NWA Wrestling fans. The Blog ‘s name changed one more time to the Alliance-Wrestling.com.  The goal of Alliance-Wrestling is to promote the National Wrestling Alliance and to help foster a greater community of fans. The Alliance has over 82 percent of its readers from North America with an additional seven percent of its readers from Europe and one percent from INDONESIA. The Alliance averages 82 daily visits.

The Members of the Alliance Span the Globe to bring forth the most update news and information across the NWA.

Eric began contributing to the NWA Online Fanzine in 2004.  Eric tirelessly scours the internet for results and upcoming events for the NWA on the fanzine as well as the Alliance-Wrestling message  board.   Chronicling the history of the NWA as it is happening, Eric also posts information like rankings and identifies new members to join the NWA.  Eric was also involved with the original NWA Message Board.  Eric has been apart of the Alliance since 2009.

If it happens in Australia, then TezHimself is on it.  Covering independent wrestling in Australia from coast to coast, Tez has been a member of The Alliance since 2010.  Since joining the Alliance, Tez has had many of interviews with the biggest names in the NWA from  Down Under.   Tez runs the popular Westsideprowrestling.wordpress.com as well as managing the Australian Indy Facebook page, contributing to WrestlingHustle.com and serves as the Official Time Keeper for multiple promotions in Western Australia.

One of the hosts of talkNWA, DKM brings a unique perspective on the National Wrestling Alliance.  DKM has been a long time fan, contributing to the original NWA Message Board.  Besides his efforts on the weekly podcast DKM reviews shows from Dallas going back to NWA Southwest and currently NWA TX Stampede.  DKM has been a regular contributor to the site going back to 2010.

Is like a man without a country, living in parts of Kentucky lacking an NWA presence.  However watching many NWA matches and frequently commuting to areas with NWA Action, the Bull has already written a few articles going back to 2010.

NWA Mountain State has some of the finest production around and that’s thanks in part to Scott Slasher.  Scott is a videographer filming NWA Mountain State, NWA Premier, and other various NWA Events.  Since joining the Alliance, Scott has gone to great lengths to keep the site updated with video from across the NWA.

 Jason Mitchell:
New to the Alliance in 2012 Jason Mitchell has been active in his first few weeks already landing an interview with Damien Wayne and posting results from NWA Fusion.  Jason Mitchell will focus most on that area, but is already proving to be a valuable member of the Alliance.

Jay Cal
Alliance-Wrestling.com started about 5 years ago, but Jay Cal has been following hte NWA a lot longer.  A lot of Jay Cal’s early work for SoCalUNCENSORED.com, where he’s now the Contribution Editor, started off giving reviews of upcoming NWA shows and interviews.  Jay Cal was one of the last moderators of the Official NWA Message Board.  When the Official Message Board for the NWA ceased operations, Jay Cal opened the Alliance-Wrestling forum to enhance Alliance-Wrestling.com.  Jay Cal would start a monthly podcast entitled Alliance-Wrestling Radio in the fall of 2009 to further enhance the website, would would later become talkNWA.  In 2010 Jay Cal took over the day to day duties of running SoCalUNCENSORED.com along with his work on Alliance-Wrestling.com.  Outside the world of professional wrestling, Jay Cal also maintains a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Baseball blog entitled First2Third.net

If you’d like to join our team please contact Jay Cal at jay.cal@socaluncensored.com